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About T.T. McGil
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T.T. McGil is a writer with a dynamic orchestration of talent! Through life’s experiences and her humbled beginnings that ignited a vast creativity, she established a multitude of unique story lines that are captivating and intriguing. Described as an outside of the box author, her debut novel, Sparrow: The Water’s Edge is the first novel in the Sparrow Mystery Series, and is an ingenious depiction of the complexities surrounding the human experience of friendships. T. T. McGil's characters themselves shift between the impulse to navigate through life cautiously and it is inevitable crash and burn when they face obstacles and monumental strife. T.T. McGil’s pure detailed description of the characters and their life’s circumstances draws each reader into the web of mystery and suspense surrounding each and every character.

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Coming Soon To:

Chronicles of The Weight Breakers Podcast by
Dr. T  “The Weight Breaker”

Chronicles of The Weight Breakers, by T.T. McGil, revolves around the prolific, Chronicles of The Weight Breakers Podcast, which is a beloved tool that penetrates the airways piercing the souls of dynamic women who dare to walk into their purpose. The podcast is hosted by “Dr. T.—The Weight Breaker”. 

In each podcast or blog, the listener/reader will be welcomed into a space where they are given tactics that are tools to understand that their: sacrifices; heroism; and excellence are all a part of their journey. Together, with bomb lit panelist—the participants will walk away from every interaction thinking that: 

I Can!

I Matter!

I Rock!

I Will!

And I’ve Got This!


The Chronicles of The Weight Breakers Podcast, drapes the women’s confidence in understanding that, “A woman can unleash her power when SHE declares her life’s trajectory…” T.T.McGil


Coming soon, The Chronicles of The Weight Breakers Podcast/Blog.

Stay tuned to (give a list of the FB/IG/Twitter) for exciting topics and amazing guests…

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