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Book Reviews

Alexis Salinas

Marketing Executive

“Sometimes the ones we think we know best, end up being the ones who surprise us the most.” 

Blue Water

5.0 out of 5.0 Stars

Venice L. Lark

An easy read that’s keeps you engaged and wanting more. There are moments when you see yourself in the characters, resulting in many mixed emotions. It challenges us to reflect back on our own relationships filled with secrets, spirituality, loyalty and mystery. Truly enjoyed Sparrows The Water’s Edge.


Dr. Lakshmi Emory

"‘Sparrow: The Water’s Edge’ is a fast-paced mystery/thriller written with a modern sensibility. With each scene the reader is drawn further into the story and develops an increasingly close affinity for the main character, Sparrow. The “fish out of water” story of a doctor, fueled by loyalty to her friend who seeks in earnest to solve the mystery of his murder, keeps it’s audience on the edges of their seats. Highly recommended reading!"

Lakshmi photo.jpeg

Peace Within

"Dr. Sparrow Mack, Wow!! Take notes as you sit in the passenger seat on an adventure through life's choices and consequences. If you LOOK you just might FIND intrigue & Suspense awaits!"

Best Selling Author & Award Winning Playwright

Camike Spencer

“TT McGill has served up a fresh novel with an ambitious and witty protagonist who readers will love keeping up with!”

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