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The Creative Champion

Author, Play-Write, Speaker

I prayed about what pen name I should orchestrate as an author, screenwriter, director etc.—I wanted to keep that name close to my core and who I am called to be. Most of all, the nae had to be relevant to what God’s purpose for my life is. As I pondered, the phrase that resonated with me was—Time To Magnify Creativity in God’s Infinite Light, thus the pen name T.T. McGil. I have counseled individuals too numerous to count regarding their: professional careers, vision/faith/resilience for their lives’ and their creative aspirations. Moreover, it brings me great joy to think that a nugget of encouragement, my time with them to render God-led sound advice and cheering for them as they have prospered, has led to them birthing the seed that God planted with in them.  

"The Creative Champion” Testimonials

“T.T. McGil serves as a breath of fresh air.  The plethora of information she has shared has been invaluable in helping me write my own book and not make common mistakes.  She makes room for you to express one's creativity while providing thought-provoking and constructive advice through consultations that can take your book-writing experience to the next level.”
-India Anderson—Author of, Black Girl, Black Girl, What do you see?  

“(T.T. McGil) She is one who knows her purpose and graciously assists others anyway possible in achieving theirs! She is a multifaceted powerhouse that inspires many to pursue and reach their goals…”

-Kateria Lee-Author of, Who Got The Keys?

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