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Life Lessons And Nuggets In “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”

Todays Purpose Woman

Jan 19, 2019

T. T. McGil Says There’s Life Lessons And Nuggets In Her New Mystery And Suspense Novel “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”

TODAY’S PURPOSE WOMAN is excited about featuring phenomenal women of faith who have poured there all into writing books to encourage and inspire those they are purposed to reach.

In an interview, Today’s Purpose Woman publisher Sherrell Valdezloqui has the honor of getting to know the heart of T.T McGil and the purpose of her book “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”.

Sherrell Valdezloqui: First, let me say congratulations on your book “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge” and Happy New Year! Tell us a little bit about yourself?

T.T. McGil: I am a physician that has always had an affinity getting to the core of the symptoms to solution towards a diagnosis. And as an author, I thrive to escort readers on a journey and draw them into a thicken plot, while prompting them to peel the layers back on the intriguing story line.  Together, with the reader, we walk through this discovery of the resolve of truth surrounding the characters within Sparrow-The Water’s Edge my new mystery suspense thriller.

I grew up in the Midwest, where I spent my youth intrigued by the mystical arena of medicine coupled with the love of creativity and having a vivid imagination.  These traits that as a child that made me bold and fearless, lends to my keen ability to develop the storylines of the characters in my debut novel, Sparrow: The Water’s Edge that will keep its audience anticipating the next book in the series.

Just like all women, I wear many hats. I am a wife, mother, career woman and author. And just like all women, I too struggle to balance it all.  Besides spending time with my beautiful family, I have orchestrated a creative outlet through writing.  In this creative space, I have traveled near and far and developed the uncanny ability to find intricacies in everyday life experiences twisting them to wring out unique storylines that are relatable to the population at large, while taking every reader to a space of self-discovery.

I get great joy in channeling my enthusiasm into writing mystery and suspense.  In my spare time, my family will find me on my laptop hammering out new storylines of the Sparrow Mystery Series. My supportive husband and I have one son. Together as a family we pray together, have a life based on service, love adventurous travel, and seek out embarking delicious cuisine.

What are you currently most passionate about and why?

Take a deep breath! How does that feel? For some, it may be second nature and a thoughtless act. However, throughout my journey and all that I have seen in being a physician, and from personal experience, more than ever I realize that taking that breath is truly priceless. So a four-letter word is my response to the question of what I am passionate about, and that word is, L-I-F-E! To wake up every day and take that deep breath and life is the ultimate gift and what we all should be passionate about. Our life lesson throughout that day is to unwrap that present of life that we have been given and discover the meaning of what is inside that gift of each day.And most importantly, what we are to learn about ourselves? Also, with each new day of life, we are taking one more step that propels us closer and closer to our divine purpose. This as my daily foundation, and I hope that I am able to live out my God-given purpose to be a vessel of hope, love, forgiveness, empowerment, and a reflection of the celebration of life that God gives. I strive to do that in my home, with my family, in my career, and as an author.

You released a book called “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”, what motivated you to write this book?

At its core, this story is about the complexities surrounding close friendships.  This book not only was developed as a story of mystery and suspense, but also there are life lessons and nuggets that will deposit in each reader along this whirlwind journey with Dr. Sparrow Mack.

Tell us a little bit about the character Dr. Sparrow Mack?

Sparrow: The Water’s Edge is the newly released avant-garde suspense thriller that I have written, primed to leave readers on the edge of their seats with the introduction of Dr. Sparrow Mack, the protagonist. As the leading lady, Dr. Mack is the star in her own dynamic, mega-mom life. As a wife, mother, physician, and recognized author; Sparrow is experiencing a new life now submerged in transition to bestselling author status. True to form, Sparrow’s humble beginnings with a childhood best friend, Luke, remains an integral part of her current life until his fatal demise. The sudden expiry of Luke, her trusted and loyal confidante, a man fueled by his own personal demons, practically thrusts Dr. Mack’s life off its’ perfect appearing axis. Suddenly, Dr. Mack, hit with this mighty blow, opts for yet another hat to wear- detective! She now intends to uncover who or what led to Luke’s death. Dr. Sparrow Mack’s character with all of her nuances, ventures on an uncertain path to connect the dots surrounding Luke’s untimely passing.  The fresh content and storyline, of Sparrow-The Water’s Edge makes for a gripping, riveting tale set with suspense, mystery, and demise that will leave every reader wanting more.

Is there anything about her you can personally relate to?

Dr. Sparrow Mack is easily relatable and is what all women from various backgrounds can relate to.  She is strong; she has faith; she is witty, and is all about taking care of her business. As the reader walks through this story with her, they quickly view her as a sister-friend that they would want to go out shopping with, go on a girls trip with, sit up on the phone and talk with for hours at a time, meet for brunch while sipping mimosas, and have as their BFF.  Just like all of us, Dr. Sparrow Mack is all about her business and loving and caring for the many important people that she holds dear on the roster in her life.  Whether it is her family, close friends or a new friend, she is that go to person that many people rely on and that goes above and beyond for them and as their trusted confidant. As we all do, many times Sparrow forgets to put herself first and the importance of self-care.

The objective in developing the character of Dr. Sparrow Mack was that she experiences and deals with the same issues that all women deal with, with all of the highs and lows that day to day life has to offer. With her faith she is transparent and does not put on the facade of being perfect, but being a real woman that finds the inner strength that God has placed in her to face that challenges that come to her doorstep.

Why was it important for you to include faith and God in your fiction novel?

Faith is a key component that resonates throughout Sparrow: The Water’s Edge. Dr. Sparrow Mack has faith in God that has allowed her to achieve success in her journey through medical school and to become a doctor and now as a best selling author. I believe that Sparrow’s faith walk illustrates her as an individual that is striving to do the best that she can, as her story. Every day her goal is to be the best person she possibly can be while walking out her purpose. Sometimes she is spot on with that plight and other times she experiences epic fails. However, her character makes the conscious decision to rebound from those failures and step out again with the robe faith covering her.  This is an example of the grace that God gives us all when we continually seek his counsel. Although Sparrow is thwarted when her faith is put to the test as she takes on the challenge of delving into the mystery surrounding Luke’s death, Sparrow’s hope in a higher power for direction and guidance is ever present in the content of this book.

What lessons do you hope readers will take away from “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”?

I want readers to be entertained but yet come away from the book thinking and pondering about each of the characters’ relationships and situations, and how to value every encounter that God puts in each of our paths. To put this into perspective there are some encounters with people and situations that are brief and fleeting, and then there are those encounters that have longevity.  Each encounter is a piece of the mystical puzzle that God has designed to push into place creating the masterpiece of our unique individual destiny.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our audience about “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”?

There is a Dr. Sparrow Mack in each and every one of us. Each of us in our core has the grit to overcome obstacles, challenge the norm, have faith to overcome our fears, and have the transparent love to be there for each other, and we have the capacity to tap into it daily.

I am truly grateful and humbled by the reviews that Sparrow: The Water’s Edge has received and here are some of the comments:

™ “T.T. McGil has served up a fresh novel with an ambitious and witty protagonist who readers will love keeping up with!”—Camika Spencer, Acclaimed Author

 “T.T. McGil is a mystery and suspense author that is grabbing the attention of readers leaving them wanting more. Sparrow: The Water’s Edge is the first in the Sparrow Mystery Series and it’s sure to capture the hearts and minds of all who graces its’ pages.”

—Kym Whitley, Actress, Comedian & Author

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